Does Age Matter in a Nanny?

The Debate on Younger vs Older

Posted on August 12th, 2013 by Pamela Ellgen
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Younger and Fresh

Pros: Nannies under 30 tend not to have children of their own and are therefore more likely to adapt to whatever parenting style you have and be receptive to new ideas. They often have plenty of energy for chasing after active toddlers and young children. Younger nannies may also have better knowledge of fun activities and educational programs for children and be better equipped to assist with homework—especially if they finished high school only five years prior.

Cons: Young nannies usually have less experience than older nannies, though they may have an education in early childhood development. If a young nanny has not chosen the profession as a long-term career, she may not be with your family for longer than a couple of years when a more appealing career comes along.

Older and Seasoned

Pros: When women finish raising their own children, many put their expertise to work by caring for another family’s children. Other nannies have spent their entire career caring for others’ children. Either way, they tend to bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to the job. They may be more sympathetic to the needs of a busy family and may also have a better understanding of household tasks such as cooking and cleaning.

Cons: Older nannies may have difficulty keeping up with active children and be less inclined to engage them in outdoor activities, though one who keeps herself physically fit may be just as active if not more so than a young sedentary nanny. With their wealth of experience older nannies may be more set in their ways, disagree with your parenting style, or be unwilling to adapt to the way you want your home managed.

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